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So, you have placed your order and of course you can not wait until you can use the products. But when will you receive the order? And how do you know that the package deliverer actually brings your DCM order?

When will I receive my DCM order?

If you place an order, you naturally want to receive it as soon as possible. That is why we guarantee that your order will be sent the same day, if ordered and paid before 13:00 o’clock. That means in 99.8% of cases that your order will be delivered the next day.

Unfortunately, we do not control everything. For example, if the delivery service has an accident, it is possible that your order will be delivered later. With the data from the email with tracking data, you can always track when your package will be delivered.

Which company will deliver my DCM order?

If your order is delivered within the Netherlands, PostNL will deliver your package. If your order is delivered outside of the Netherlands, it will be delivered by a DPD deliverer.

It is possible that PostNL or DPD lets a third party deliver your package. If you do not trust the delivery, ask the delivery person for identification and check the sender of the package; it should say the package is shipped from DCM Benelux.

My DCM package looks damaged, what should I do?

Hmmm, that is not right at all. If the package only has a slight dent or damage, then the contents will not be damaged. Our carton boxes can take a beating. You can simply accept the package and check the contents. If the contents is also damaged, please contact our customer service.

Is your package badly damaged, which fortunately never happened before, please contact us directly. We will then ask you to take some photos of the package, after which you may refuse the package. We will then of course resend your order without additional costs.

My package has not arrived yet!

Has your package not been delivered 2 days after your payment? Then something could have gone wrong. You can check the email with tracking data, in order to see why your package might not be delivered. If the tracking information shows that your package has not yet been delivered, please contact our customer service. They can then immediately switch with the delivery company to check what happened.

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