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Diapason Cosmetics Milano

DCM is at the center of Italian fashion, style and innovation. Milan is our greatest inspiration, where everyday trends and fashion go hand in hand with the most extraordinary styles. We combine these styles in an art form that intrigues us the most: your hair and color!

Our history is deeply rooted in Milan, the capital of Italian fashion, design and specialized in coloring and cosmetic hair treatments. With this special legacy in mind, we focus on the future with a young and dynamic team of hair professionals!


Diapason Cosmetics Milano is inspired by Italian design. On the other hand, with a love for color, it is a brand that focuses entirely on people. We continue to innovate through in-depth research into shapes, materials and colors. For us, design is a fundamental value!

We like to be in the middle of society. We do nothing more than to get in touch with the street, with new salons and the discovery of new lifestyles. From Milan to the whole world: with a presence in more than 40 countries around the world, we bring the Italian lifestyle into contact with professionals and their customers!


Innovation is one of our biggest motivations. New technologies, the latest techniques to extract active ingredients, the choice of formulas based on unique molecules and the constant search for new developments, help us to create products that combine technological value, cosmetic effects and high quality organic building blocks into a product that need of all our customers satisfied.

DCM works with and for professionals. We provide support to professionals in their hairdressing salons every working day, provide our experiences with the product and are happy to enter into a dialogue to discuss their needs and find appropriate solutions.

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