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To keep your accounts in order, we provide well-organized invoices. These contain all product information and meet the legal requirements that the tax authorities impose on your bookkeeping.

How do I receive my DCM invoice?

At the moment your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive two more e-mails from us: one with the tracking data and one containing the invoice as a PDF document. The Tax and Customs Administration also accepts digital invoices, so you do not have to print them out, which is good for the environment.

Can I receive a copy of an invoice?

Ofcourse you can! If you want to receive a copy invoice, you can request it by sending an email to or by calling customer service on telephone number 0475 – 350 450.

Why is the VAT mentioned separately on DCM invoices?

If you use the DCM products for the execution of your profession, you can request payed VAT from the Tax Authorities. The VAT is also mentioned separately on your invoice, so you can process it directly in your accounting. The VAT is unfortunately part of the invoice amount, so you have to pay this.

I am not based in the Netherlands, do I have to pay VAT on my DCM order?

Yes and no. Unfortunately we can not make the taxes easier, but hopefully explain them. If you are based outside the Netherlands, but in Europe, you can apply for a VAT number from your national tax authorities. If you give us this number, you will receive invoices with the message “VAT shifted”. The VAT will not be charged to you, but will be passed on directly to your tax authorities.

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