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How To:

  1. Color with Mix 1 Velvet Violet
  2. Divide the hair from the end of the left eyebrow to the end of the right eyebrow, stayingvoor de kruin blijvend.
  3. Divide the hair in a the hair in a zigzag as shown in the image and blonde with Dust-Free Lightening Powder (as described for Mix 3 Bleach).
  4. Rinse and tone with Mix 2 Lilac Grey.


Finish with DCM Volumising Mousse for a wavy look.

Velvet Violet (mix 1)
– 25 ml Hair Color Cream 6/43
– 25 ml Hair Color Cream 5/80
– 75 ml Developer*

*10 vol: same colorheight
20 vol: 1-2 shades lighter
30 vol: 2-3 shades lighter
40 vol: 3-4 shades lighter

Lilac Grey (mix 2)
– 40 ml Hair Color Cream 10/8
– 8 ml Hair Color Cream 0-18
– 2 ml Hair Color Cream 6/80
– 75 Developer 10 vol.

Bleach (mix 3)
– 30 gr Dust-Free Lightening Powder
– 45 ml Developer 10 vol.



DCM Hair Color Cream 9/0 + DCM Developer 10 VOL
(mixing ratio 1:1)

First, apply the cream color to the lengths and tips and leave in for 15 minutes. Recreate the color and apply to the lengths and tips, leaving it in for 30 minutes.

Highlights (alleen aan de bovenkant):

DCM Hair Color Cream 11/2 + DCM Developer 20 VOL
(mixing ratio 1:2)

Apply the cream color and leave in for 45 minutes. In order to get a uniform color on the lengths and tips of the hair, apply some water on the hair after the leave-in period of the cream color. emulge the cream color and spread evenly over the lengths. Leave in for 5 minutes.


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