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Thank you for your interest in DCM!

We understand that you want to hold, view, smell and taste the products (although we advise against the latter …). That is why you as a professional (business users with a VAT number and / or Chamber of Commerce number) can request a free test package.

Ofcourse we will not sent you a single small tube. We understand that you want to test a number of products and that is why the DCM test package is filled with a complete array of products! Not only will you receive a colourchart, but you will also receive:

– Hair Color Cream in 6 different shades
– Developer 10 (150 ml)
– Developer 20 (150 ml)
– Developer 30 (150 ml)
– Developer 40 (150 ml)
– Dust-Free Lightening Powder (500 gr)

As you can see it is a complate package, so you can test all products. After a while you can expect a telephone call from us, as we are interested in your feedback about our products: How do you feel about our products? Was everything useful? Maybe you have some other questions? We will gladly answer all questions!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do not hesiate to ask! You can reach us by sending an email to

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